What’s with so many of the choruses having the word fuck in them?

In a world where everyone seems to give two, one, or zero fucks, we wanted to show we really care to the tune of about 50 fucks!


Why is such a good looking frontman like James perpetually single?

He is a team player and sacrificed love and happiness so that we could launch a bachelor style contest in conjunction with the record drop. Ladies apply here ___________.


Who are the bands main influences?

James loves the Arctic Monkeys and Modest Mouse. Jared likes Bad Religion and Run the Jewels. Lubo likes Dream Theatre and Ozzy. It’s a fucking wonder we can write a song.


It seems like the characters in the songs are all over the place.

We just tried to tell the most real stories possible as well as the most relatable, so we just told stories from the world we see, in the most “take a walk in these shoes” possible.


Where are you from?

The mean streets of Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada, Lubo grew up hunting wild boar with his bare hands in the sticks of Slovakia.


Why the hell are you called rare americans then, you liars?

What you gonna do ‘bout it, light our pants on fire? Come again fuckboy, this band wears only fire retardant pants.


Vegas has you listed at 200,000,000 : 1 to have the top rated record of 2018, what makes you think its possible?

James is basically the second coming of Freddy Mercury on vocals, Bob Dylan has plagiarized our lyrics and Kerry King has been hanging outside of Lubo’s place taking video of his licks. Cream rises, homie. Lay your money down and you will be happy you did.


When is your first tour?

We’re back and forth with Bruce Dickenson on aircraft availability and dates and once we have that tightened up will be hitting Wembley, Azteca, Marcana, Met Life, Cowboys Stadium, Rose Bowl etc..this summer.


It is difficult for a new band to break out, what is your marketing strategy?

A healthy mix of fake news, ad hominem and hard sell attack ads. We’ve also hired Cambridge Analytica.